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June 28, 2011

Where has this song been all my life?

I watched The Sound of Music dozens of times when I was younger, (who else wanted be Liesl and sing about turning seventeen in the rain??) -- and it still remains in my top ten/fifteen favorite movies of all time. But for whatever reason, it's been years since I've listened to the soundtrack. The last time I remember hearing this song in particular, was this past fall while making blueberry muffins before school with Kylie. That is the only joyful memory I have from living at Raintree.
(haha - just kidding)

But before that, and since then, do-re-mi had nearly been wiped from my memory.

The other night, however, I overheard it from my bedroom and I immediately got online to download it. This song is the bomb.com.net.org. It's almost as good as The Circle of Life, and nearly twice as good as Glee's cover of Friday. I'd be lying if I said I didn't listen to it every morning when I get ready for work. Next time I fail a test, get broken up with, or find that I have no purpose in life - please show me this song and all will be well again.


kylee said...

glee. love them. i always love their versions better than the originals. and do-re-mi is one of the best songs everrr. anytime i ride my bike i think of that song.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

classic. i love when 16 going on 17 comes on my ipod (yes it's on my ipod) although it's hard when i'm in the car because i can't skip about. haha

andrea said...

that Friday song is fantastic! oh my! how have i never heard it before?!

Anonymous said...

ahahahahhahah i love you. you're a nerd.

however you and kylie screaming that song with your hands flying out the window was definitely the highlight of my night.

Ash said...

More like bomb.com.net.org/awesome.

I LOVED this hahaha. It's such a happy song.

7upkels said...

@Ash = Haha that made me laugh out loud.

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