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April 5, 2011

more than ever, i am determined to have fresh flowers on my table every morning when i have a home of my own. i will continue my new tradition of buying strawberries on a whim, and will ruin the effort of maintaining a new healthy lifestyle by putting the strawberries on top of cupcakes.

i saw a robert pattinson look-a-like at the grocery store and he commented on my sunburn. i only had a sunburn on the right side of my body, from reading ee cummings and harry potter in the park a few days ago. now with the semester winding down, i can finally finish book 5 of the series, although harry, you’re being ornery and it's bugging me.

i had a final muddy muddy session last night with my best friend cousin who leaves to serve an lds mission in tahiti this wednesday. we wrote letters to read to ourselves in 18 months and I taped it in the safest place I know: my journal. she will be the reason i commit to finally learning french.

i bought packets of forget-me-nots at the sunflower market yesterday, on a trip to buy orange juice because of a cold. and even though i do not (yet) have a garden, i love these flowers, and find them to hold a very special place in my heart. frank sinatra sings about them in his song “you make me feel so young” – and thumbelina wears them in her hair. sold.

glenn miller radio station on pandora will take up my 40 free hours within the next two weeks.

la vie en rose – best bike riding song in the world.

and dear everybody in utah county who seemed to be barbecuing last friday:
you made it smell like summer.

so please, dear rainy forecast,
go away.


Mary said...

I just love this post.

emmakaren said...

I second your choice of pandora stations.

Catherine Anne said...

this is a fabulous post. i agree with the fresh flower thing-i always want fresh flowers in my home. my dad always brings my mom fresh flowers and they make a difference in the overall feel of our home. and as for the pandora station and music, i feel like we are twins.

Brittany said...

you're just great, all around. did you know that?

adri said...

Harry's such a whiney baby in the fifth book. Once you get to the seventh, you'll just be in love with him forever. :)

Caiti said...

this post was lovely. thank you!

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