Confession Session. Trois.

March 1, 2011

I don't know why - but it's sort of become a tradition (as in this is only the third time I've done this). But nevertheless, a confession session must still be had, because today is March the first of Two-Thousand-Eleven.

1. I hate washing my hair. If I could magically decide to either 1. Never have to wash my hair again or 2. Never have to shave again - I'd pick 1.

2. Andrew Garfield? This fellow from The Social Network? Seriously would have given a right arm and/or leg to have been his date to the Oscars on Sunday night. Really.

No, really.

3. Speaking of missing arms -- (worst transition in the world, I know) -- this Disney Movie preview almost made me cry. And I want to see the Disney movie Prom. But if I really got to choose - I'd go see a silent movie over anything any night of the week because they melt my heart.
(and if you live somewhere near Salt Lake City you can see them here!)

4. I think we all saw this one coming...but seriously: Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber. You know something is wrong with you when you're sitting in the Justin Bieber movie and your 10 year old cousin asks if you're really crying. Because I did. As did my sister. For a good ten minutes (this movie is inspiration at it's best my friends). And as Kylie said: Justin Bieber is a prodigy.

5. I hate video games. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Halo, Wii anything - I am not a fan. And I am now every boy and future child's worst nightmare.

6. 90% of my diet truly consists of cheese, turkey and bread.

7. The first picture I had on my dashboard when I got my first car was of President Bush. And I still think he's cute.

8. I bought 10 flying paper lanterns after I saw the movie Tangled. I plan on making a wish on every single one of them one of these days.

9. I have a marriage book. And I know I sound a little BYU-esque when I say that, but I do. I started a marriage book of all my favorite quotes, poems, ideas for kids names and married date night ideas... I even have a section: "to read when we get in future disagreements."
Honestly? It's one of my most favorite books in the world.

10. Last but not least...
Reading this quote the other day changed my life:
"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."
-President Thomas S. Monson

Okay, maybe it didn't change my life, but reading it made me want to.

And with all ten confessions out there,
my March can officially begin.


Jane Garner said...

your confessions are awesome. the bieber movie really is SO good. i just blogged about it haha. i love your quote at the end, it made me think. and i love that you bought paper lanterns, i know a girl who let them go at the end of her wedding reception and it was beautiful, i teared up at that part in tangled. it really touched my heart haha. i just realized how scattered my comment is. but on a side-note, ah! i am so glad we figured out our connection! max! that is so funny, because he would talk about you ALL the time so now i love that there's a connection! yes one of my best friends kind of hung out with austin. she hung out with max's roommate jordan first, so that's how we met max and became friends with him! but i love that you figured that out!!

Jan said...

Loved your confessions....

Mary said...

Awesome. How many of us would live on cheese and bread alone if we could? I'm also a video game hater - thankfully my husband is backing me up. I'm afraid my sons and their friends won't ever want to hang out at our house.

Kate said...

Oh, my goodness. We are the same.

2. I'm in love with Mr. Garfield.

3. I think that might actually be the best transition in the world. And I want to see Prom, too! Just blogged about that like last week!

4. Saw NSN on Friday and totally loved it! I just want everything to work out for Justin Bieber. No more kid celebs going crazy.

9. Good idea...

emmakaren said...

Love these! And 100% agree with you on videogames. I seriously HATE them! And I want to copy your paper lanterns an marriage book idea. That's all.

Brittany said...

Love it all. Let's have a turkey sandwich picnic soon!

molly jane said...

Wow. We seriously should be better friends than just efy/blog/class friends (although I do enjoy our initial friendliness). We are scarily alike? And I love confession sessions. Yours is fantastic. I would comment on every single one...but that would take forever, just know I had literally thought about every single one of these before reading this. Love it.

Jessica Lynn said...

I am definitely buying some floating lanterns now. I had no idea I could just get myself some. I loved all these confessions, and I guess I'll have to go see the jb movie now. We have the same initials after all.

Jessica Lynn said...
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Caiti said...

You are so right, we truly are kindred spirits! I hate washing my hair, love Justin Bieber, and I'm stoked for Bethany's new movie too! Happy week ahead!

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