"channel into the witches"

October 25, 2010

the title to this post is more of an inside joke,
but saturday night we definitely "channeled into the witches."
every year, gardner village has a witches night out,
where literally hundreds and hundreds of women dress up
just to gallivant all around these cute little shops in this tiny village.

so last minute we decided to attend this event,
and after making 3 different stops in order to find witches hats,
(who would have thought those would be so hard to find??)
i have to say that i was pleasantly surprised.
dancing, costumes, fortune telling, caramel apples -
can any halloween activity get any better than that?

and as for our halloween plans this year --
we've considered going on a legitimate ghost tour, and maybe staying in an old motel where it is rumored serial killer ted bundy murdered one of his victims...
are we crazy?


Mandy said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. You are crazy. As if our experience with the midget village wasn't enough....

Anonymous said...

so cute kels!!! love this!!!!

you look so pretty

Brittany said...

i've always thought this would be so fun. i love gardner village. and you look so pretty! i'm so jealous of your beautiful hair!

Novelista Barista said...

omg is this salem, mass?!?!? IF so.. the only reason i ask is bc i am going there this weekend!!!

kara lynn said...

honestly that sounds so adventurous. ha and witches night. that is fantastic. maybe next year!

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