Least Expecting It...

October 23, 2009

once upon a time, there was this boy.
and he was not always very nice to me.
(admittedly, sometimes i wasn't very nice to him either)

but then one day i was having a really, really bad day -
like the worst day of all days -
(kind of had to do with that goodbye i was talking about last time)
but this boy (the not so very nice boy) noticed.
and even though he didn't have to,
scratch that.
even though he probably didn't want to -
he took me to go get fix and mix frosties.

and that's my story. it's not fabulous, but that moment was.
i realized that the littlest, tiniest, minute things matter.
"your hair looks nice"
"would you want to go out to lunch on saturday?"

and those who may seem like the
last person in the world to care,
can make all the difference.

now i have a new friend.

*photo via papertissue.
hoping that's what a snapshot of my upcoming weekend will look like, too.


Lauren said...

I like that story. I hope we hear more about him!

Lizzy said...

I like that story too! Its crazy how the smallest gestures really can make the biggest difference in times like that.

Kels It was so good to see you last night!! Your hair looked really nice by the way :)

Janice said...

aww that's so sweet!
yeah little gestures and words mean a lot, they really do ♥

Erny said...

awww this is too cute! :D

emily said...

gotta love that! i'm glad you too like frosties :)
have a good monday!

Mandy said...

oh kels... I love you.
This boy is so good.
He misses you (maybe) as much as I do.
But that's pushing it.

CAPow said...

I love this story!

Athena. said...

You are beyond lovely and so talented.

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