June 6, 2009

My darling, darling friend responded to my simple thought that forget-me-nots were just a lovely kind of flower.

Please read what she had to say here.

And read everything else she has to say, here:
{a new simple something!}
It's worth your while!!!

Thank you SHOKOOFEH! It made my day :)

The reason I love these flowers oh-so-much, is because of the old Disney Fairy Tale, Thumbelina. If you have seen the movie, you will know why.

Until next time, have a splendid weekend*


Ken-Ken said...

oh kels. you and that john mayer song and now forget-me-nots. you are in love!

Brittany said...

when I came to visit your blog, John Mayer's Free Falling began to serenade me! Prob one of my all time favorite songs. i discovered it last summer and simply cannot get enough. love it!

and still loving your blog!


oh great! I'm so very proud to see that I made you happy by my very little gift!
have a nice time darling girl!


Alessia said...


Your blog is charming.

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