The Adventures of Kelsie and Kylie.

June 3, 2009

We've been on a few adventures since Mr. Gardner's tenth grade Algebra class, but the latest one?
Kylie has fallen in love.

After meeting the "merchandise boy" at a recent concert, (and mind you, he is a Michael Cera look-a-like) we exchange a few words, a few laughs, and out of the blue he hands Kylie a piece of paper containing his name, so she can look him up on Facebook...(oh what would we do in a world without social networking?)

Because of this blessed event,
what did we do?

We have an honorary picnic celebrating this piece of paper - located next to the skittles

Our picnic included:
Hugs and Kisses.
Peanut Butter MnMs.
Baked Potatoes from Wendys.
(Two) Chickens from WalMart.

Is there any better way to celebrate the beginning of love,
than by eating a calorie-infested midnight snack?

I think not.


Mandy said...

Okay I love love love love love this.

And it made me a little (a lot) sad because I just got giddy for Kylie and my heart can't contain it.

Yay yay yay yay yay.

katie diana said...

oh. my. god.

this is like the... seventh day of my diet, and i want to literally crawl into the computer and eat that picture!


jasmine said...

hahaa! awwww, that is SO cute!

and now i'm hungry.

Olivia Rae said...

cute!! i love buying ridiculous amounts of candy and eating it in one sitting with a bunch of friends... nothing better!

Sara said...

Sugar crave alert!


you have some flowers.
check the blog!

sarah said...

Huuuuuungry!!! Why is it that most blogs I read early in the morning are full of food pictures?! Noooo!

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