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April 3, 2017

Charlie has been our champion sleeper from pretty much the beginning. I heard all the horror stories about how exhausted I would be, (don't get me wrong, those first few weeks I thought I was going to die I was so tired), and I became even more worried about the thought of eventually sleep training that I read about 5 books in a week before he was ever born all about babies and sleeping and essentially surviving. Unfortunately, a lot of those books contradicted each other anyway, and it left me more confused than anything, but in the end, we were extremely lucky in that Charlie started sleeping soundly through the night early on without any coaching from us.

Anyway, one of the few things I did takeaway from those books was the importance of a bedtime routine; and out of all the things I thought about, it might sound silly that one of the things I did worry about was finding a special song to sing to Charlie every night. I can still remember the lullaby my mom sang to me when I was a little girl, and I wanted my own for Charlie too.

A few days after we were home from the hospital, I was up late one night feeding Charlie while watching White Christmas. When the part of the movie above started playing in the background, Charlie finally started drifting to sleep. It was almost like magic. Since then, it's become the one thing I do sing every night as I hold and rock him in his nursery. Though I can't do Bing Crosby or Rosemary Clooney any justice, I think it's just about the best lullaby there could ever be.

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