the end of 2016

January 2, 2017

Aside from the arrival of our baby boy which will forever be the highlight of our year, I wanted to update my blog regarding the rest of 2016 since my journaling habits are still being graded at an F-.

We had our usual fall getaway to Park City, but this time we went with family instead of friends whose lives and busy schedules are hard to match up with. Still so much fun.

I had an endless to-do list on my phone this fall of things to finish before the baby arrived, and for some reason the night we built the crib as Max watched the World Series will remain one of my favorite memories. Nothing extraordinary about any of it, but for some reason that night remains a special memory for me.

Speaking of Mr. Max, he's still enjoying medical school. It's the one question I'm asked most, aside from anything about becoming a mom, is how is Max enjoying school? I can brag about him since he would never brag about himself, but not only is he excelling, he's top of his class. Maybe I just expected and went into this medical school chapter of our lives thinking this would be the death of our marriage, but it's been surprisingly manageable for both of us. In fact, I think I see him more now than I ever did during his undergrad at BYU (knock on wood). Might I add he makes a very handsome future doctor.

Woof. Third trimester was not good to me or my frame. I ballooned like Violet on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. So excuse the picture, but this documents one of our baby showers, which we happened to share with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Heaston Dahl and his wife, who are expecting a baby girl next month. The best part of the night was Heaston assuming that babies have teeth by the time they are three weeks old.

Even though I write more about this special day in the following post, this was one of the first pictures we took of our little Charlie. Some of his nicknames include baby, bubby, sunny, honey, lovey and toad man. I don't know where the last name came from, or his perfect olive skin considering he has ghostly white parents this time of year.

Last but not least, Christmas of course was special this year because we had a family of three. I just wish Christmas could be on a Sunday every year. There is something special about going to church and the reminder of what Christmas is really all about (as I post a picture of a Christmas tree and presents ha ha... this picture will have to suffice).

2016, you were too good to us.

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