celebrating four years at merlins magical lake

July 18, 2016

Ten Years Ago:

One of my friends snapchatted this picture to me a few months ago and I am left to treasure this screenshot since it's the only picture I have of our fateful Sadie Hawkins date. Heaston called it witchcraft at the time, but no one in this picture had dated before that Sadie Hawkins dance in 2006, and 6/8 of the couples did afterward. Three of us married those same high school sweethearts, and we can only blame it on Merlin's magical lake.

Four Years Ago:

Engagements at the very same spot.

June 21, 2016:

We celebrated our FOUR YEAR anniversary in June, picnicking with Subway sandwiches just like we had when we were sixteen. The sun was setting just in time for our arrival, and as we walked around the lake I couldn't help but think back ten years ago, and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I'd marry that really cute and really loud boy who I sat next to in Mr. Jepson's English class. I'm so happy I did.

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