a quick confession session

November 24, 2015

1. I not-so-secretly love Justin Beiber again (let us all forgive and forget I say!) I've told Max three times this past week I wish he and Selena Gomez would get married.

2. Hillary Clinton is now refusing to use the term "illegal immigrants" (instead referring to them as "undocumented immigrants") BECAUSE HASHTAG WORDS MATTER. This literally makes me want to rip my hair out. Or hers.

3. We decked our halls and put the Christmas lights out a week before Thanksgiving, and I just started reading A Christmas Carol last night. Max ordered me a vintage 1957 edition and I cried when it arrived in the mail, which both is and isn't saying a whole lot because I weep at everything this time of year.

4. I'm on my third diet coke today. I work with a General Authority who says after two/day I'm pushing the Word of Wisdom.

5. I really only wanted to write this list because of #1 and #2.


*Side note: This video warms my heart.

"This Christmas,
Let how you celebrate
reflect what you celebrate." Happy Holidays!


Jena said...

I think you're wonderful and I miss you.

kylee said...

those who don't openly admit they love JB again are just kidding themselves. SORRY IS TOO GOOD!

Jane Harman said...

pushing the word of wisdom - lol. shoot. if that's the case, i'm basically inactive.

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