the california coast (part 1)

January 2, 2015

We spent some of our holiday break driving down the central coast of CA. I've wanted to do this forever and we finally got around to it! I loved every second of this trip. Below are a few of the highlights and suggestions for future reference:

If you're going to San Francisco...

Don't worry about putting flowers in your hair (ha ha ha), just eat all the sourdough bread bowls possible (I'd highly recommend Boudin) and spend an evening walking on the pier with a Ghiradelli hot chocolate.

When in Carmel:

Accept the fact that pictures will not do anything justice. I can't even begin to describe how much I love Carmel. I'd choose Carmel over Balboa Island anyyy day. What I'd like to know is when and how do communities like this just decide they're just going to make everything be as cute and quaint and as darling as possible? Can I join some committee and make this happen somewhere that doesn't cost five million dollars for a down payment? Seriously though. Eating in the little cafe's on Main Street and spending time on the beach at the end of the road convinced me and Max that "this is the place."

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Brittany said...

It's hard for me to describe how much I love all parts of California (and I could not agree with you more about Disneyland). I was supposed to be in San Francisco over New Year's, but a series of unfortunate events kept me home. I'm glad now though, because when I do get out there, I'll have your recommendations. Beautiful photos, as always. Hope you and Max are doing well!

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