(december recap)

December 19, 2014

(I wrote a lot of these posts a few weeks ago, but never got around to sharing any of them.... i apologize for the overload, as this is the only journal I am still trying to keep up on)

If you were to ask Max how I was doing the last half of December, he would have told you I was especially weepy. Weepy is really the right word because that's really what I did: I wept. Not cried or sobbed or got teary. I wept on and off for days (for multiple reasons) so here's a why-I-wept-recap:

1. My sister is engaged!

Max told Kenna months ago, "I will cry if Joseph isn't my brother-in-law by the end of the year." Well, almost. They get married in a few weeks and I can't think of anyone on this planet better suited for my sister then Mr. Orgill. He's an answer to many prayers, and I feel so lucky he's going to be my new brother, and so happy that my sister gets him forever. And don't get me started on that wedding ring... I got to see it a few days before Joseph proposed and even that made me weep!

2. Max finishing finals week

YOU GUYS. I can't name anyone I know of anywhere that is a harder worker than Max. He spent well over a thousand hours fall semester working on his schoolwork (4.0), his work-work (teaching Japanese), volunteering (hospice + local junior highs), church callings (bishopric meetings at 6:30 am? who survives this?) and somehow, someway he still makes me feel not-so-much like a widow by taking me out to lunch every Friday. We went out to dinner to celebrate the end of this grueling semester - and yes, I wept at the dinner table. I love Max so much.

3. Christmas get-togethers.

As much as I love Christmas parties with friends, nothing quite tops getting together with family. This year was a big trip down memory lane for me, remembering things like the "Chinese Man" or the "Backstreet Boys game" (this game consisted of pretending we were on a cruise with the Backstreet Boys - why a cruise? I don't know). I love being with my family because I've been blessed with the very best. The sweetest Grandparents, sassy aunts and funny uncles and cousins who are overly obsessed with Harry Styles - they're all the best.

And then there's this.
The best ending of any movie ever made.

Are you weeping yet?

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