happy birthday mother dearest

September 15, 2014

I know parents are well known for bragging about their kids, but I think I'm better at bragging about my parents.

And yes, my Mom was/is/and forever more will be one sexy lady - and because she would kill me if I posted her drivers license picture, and because my dad wouldn't let me a tape a Tim Riggins poster to their bedroom door (who wouldn't want a good morning birthday greeting from him?) I will instead share a photo of my mother as Miss July at BYU back in the 80s - she hardly looks a day older ;)

Happy Birthday Mother Dearest, I love you!
Thank you for being my bffaeae for life.
(and making sure dad never starved us to death ;)


Kelli Gilbert said...

she's beautiful! just found your blog and it is darling!!

Amanda Fry said...

Your mom is so pretty! I have always thought that I have the prettiest aunts!

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