spring spring spring

March 7, 2014

I don't remember any time in the last few years where it actually felt like April before March in Utah! I ordered a lemonade (knock on wood) because I will take sunny, sixty degree weather when I can + a strawberry lemonade to seal the deal. This weekend I plan on cleaning out everything under our bed (am I the only one who uses that space as a storage closet?), buying a wreath for the front door, and getting together with friends with a whole lot of catching up to do. Last time a few of us got together, we sat in the restaurant and talked from four until nine! I think we had three different waitresses? Anyway, I hope you're enjoying a little bit of spring weather wherever you are, and now - a few words from ee cummings:

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully out of 
arranging a window into which people look

(while people stare
arranging and changing
a strange thing
and a known thing 
and changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps hand in a window

(carefully to and fro
New and 
Old things,
while people stare
a perhaps fraction of flower here

placing an inch of air there)

and without breaking anything.

helllllo spring!


Jane Harman said...

im loving the spring weather too!!! best time of the year.

Jena said...

I love your restaurant story. I did it with a couple friends a couple months ago. We made it to three hours...with babies! It was kind of a miracle. I think our babies knew that their mothers needed friend-time. Love and miss you.

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