September 3, 2013

I woke up sentimental and little bit sad on Monday morning when I realized that summer was coming to its end... Really, this is kind of unusual because I'm normally excited for fall by the time August reaches its end. I guess there were just a few final items left on my summer to-do list which I never got around to, but I'm learning maybe that's just a little bit of what life is like in adulthood anyway :)

Max suggested that maybe we have an "unofficial last day of summer" this upcoming weekend, since after all, it's the "first unofficial day of fall" next Saturday :) (oh how I love those first unofficial days of fall!) Whatever the case, I'm hoping I quit longing for those warm summer nights and get myself excited for sweater weather, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and all that jazz!

Here are a few of my final (and sort of random) pictures of summer taken on both my iphone and camera, documenting last minute vacations, the annual cheese party (more on that later), and my favorite sunbeams. They're the cutest... seriously.

yes, ken and i were first in line to see one direction in 3-d with our 3-d glasses and self-decorated t-shirts!
we so felt thirteen again and loved it.

So long summer. You shall be missed. And in the meantime, I'll take up a friends recommendation and listen to Autumn in New York by Louis Armstrong, apparently it's supposed to the do the trick :)


Nicole Marie said...

i am so not ready for summer to be over

Jane Harman said...

catch phrase is so fun. i'm totally with you - summer went by SO fast! i pulled out a autumn candle yesterday, though, and i started to get a little excited for the fall!

Bridget said...

that top picture is awesome. and yeah. summer's end always depresses me even though i'm trying TRYING to embrace fall.

Kenna Christensen said...

we need to do more stuff so you can blog more sissy dee

My name is Lydia said...

ugh. amen. summer is all there is. everyone is like "oooh october so pretty!" and like like the leaves are DEAD! come ON!

Kelsie said...


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