the night my house was haunted

May 29, 2013

So imagine if you will: You've lost your keys. This is kind of a big deal, because your car key is one of those computer chip car keys which costs three hundred dollars to replace. Not only have you lost your car key, but you've lost your house key too. So you have to leave your apartment unlocked, meaning you have to have your mom drive you around to run errands because your car keys worth a paycheck are missing.

Now also imagine spending your afternoon going to see a scary movie, and spending an evening watching Dateline: The Perfect Murder. It's creepy. This is not an acceptable combination when you've left your house unlocked and you won't be returning until after dark.

Then...please imagine that you and your husband have finally arrived home (slightly anticipating any disturbance) and as you open your unlocked door... you walk inside...  to see .... this:

Horror. That is literally all that went through my mind. Shock and horror. If you have seen any scary movie in the last five years, you know that freaky things always happen in their kitchen... like all their kitchen cupboards being open. I was as white as a ghost and ran out the door, Max (who won't admit it but was just as scared as I was!) ran out and kept asking What should we do? What should we do? We called the police.

I was so panicked by this point I was having chest pains. Was the intruder still inside our house? Was he hiding in our bedroom? Was it something more sinister... like were we being haunted by ghosts who left our cupboards opened? On top of all of that, Max was convinced that either aliens were tracking us or someone had broken in looking for prescription drugs... but within minutes of calling the police, some friends had texted us (perfect timing) asking if we had come home to a surprise.

No aliens.
No ghosts.
No Jodi Arias hiding in our kitchen cupboards.

We had failed to notice the cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter that were left by some of our friends (who would like to be named for publicity reasons) Ben & Jared.

What a relief. And luckily, when the police finally arrived and we had explained what had happened, they weren't even mad! In fact, all they asked for was a cupcake.



Brittany said...

Haha your friends are awesome. Just awesome.

But also, that whole scenario is my worst nightmare.

kylee said...

i shouldn't have read this while home alone, 7:30pm on a sturday night. prime time for scary stuff. i would have died if i had come home to something like that. DIED.

Jane Harman said...

ohhhh my gosh i would freak out hahaha! your kitchen is darling, btw.

Anonymous said...

holy freak. kels i would have died also probably have said bad words. remind me to tell you about that one time i was in the shower and started hearing voices in my hall only to come outside and have no one there. i refused to sleep there that night. let's chat soon!

Mandy said...

Haha! That's hilarious.

Nichole said...

Yeah this just made me go check my locks lol on a happier note, where did you order your cute bike from?

Kelsie said...

@Nichole - I got it online at :)

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