in my absence.

March 2, 2013

The last month of our lives have been chaos. Apartment hunting, job hunting, packing, moving, life changing, everything changing, and in a nutshell, a bullet point list:

  • Changed our living plans... half a dozen times. 
  • ... if you need any information on any apartment from Provo to Bountiful, call me.
  • Found the most wonderful one bedroom for two.
  • Fell in love with our one bedroom apartment for two!
  • Purchased our very first television!
  • Had a small house warming party... which meant eating on the floor with our friends.
  • Had every meal over the last two weeks... on the floor with each other.
  • Lived in my grandparents basement for a weekend.
  • Loved living with my grandparents for the weekend.
  • Picked my family up from the airport (they're home!!)
  • Celebrated Valentines day with Subway sandwiches (this is called budgeting).
  • Furnished our bathroom.
  • Began to furnish our living room.
  • And felt like newly-newly weds all over again.

I am all the more convinced after this last month of chaos, that if you really, really pay attention, you'll be able to see that life always turns out better than what you had thought it would in the first place.

Someone's looking out for us, that's for sure.


Ash & JD said...

Where did you move to? Orem? This looks just like our apartment door! :)

Jane Harman said...

subway is always a good choice! i'm so glad you love your new apt!

emi said...

i feel you! we just moved in january and it's crazy...especially out here in the bay area! glad it all worked out! darling blog, now following! XO

Anonymous said...

oh kels. i love that you love your new place. and i love that you get to experience all of this with max. basically i just love you. call me, maybe?

naperville apartments said...

I definitely agree with you about things tend to be better than we expected them to be. They may not be how we originally planned them like getting our ideal apartment, but we do get what we deserve and sometimes it's more than we could ever ask for. Congratulations on your new home and appliances. Like you, I hope to find my Naperville apartments.

Cindy said...

wow you guys really have been busy! I'm glad things are working out great for you guys though! Good luck!

Brittany said...

I felt like I was so behind on your blog and life, so I come to catch up a little. Your chaos sounds wonderful. I know that's terrible to say, but it seems like you're so happy. I love that.

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