a little place called the shire.

December 3, 2012

A few years ago while I was in New Zealand, we visited a little town called Hobbiton, famously known as The Shire. Honestly, it's amazing. I've never been a LOTR fanatic, but it was unbelievable how much work they put into just one set that only has a little time on screen! When we were there, we had to sign a disclosure form before going on the tour, agreeing that we would not post any of the pictures online since it was still in use for the filming of The Hobbit; now that the filming has finished, we are finally allowed to post away!

It's truly unbelievable, (like the rest of New Zealand, really) and I can't wait to show Max in a few weeks! Except truth be told, my favorite part of the whole tour had to be bottle feeding the baby lambs at the very end :) I'd take one home with me if I could.


kylee said...

SHUT UP. this is a dream vaca.

Brittany said...

STOP. I'm not even a huge LOTR fan, but this is amazing. I'm so jealous of your New Zealand trips.

And hello, yes! Let's go shopping together. (This is a response from weeks and weeks ago--you said something about shopping on one of my NY posts I think).

Mandy said...

This is awesome Kels!

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