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August 9, 2012

Bad Day.

Back in the day, I found myself lying on a cold bathroom floor eating girl scout cookies in the dark at 11:30PM because I had had an awful day. The next morning I was sure to tell my friends, "you know it's a bad day when..."


Kylie loved a boy who we would refer to by first, middle, and last name. It was like the popular kids in high school, whose names were always referred to on a first and last name basis. (Not just Angelina. Angelina Jolie.) This boy in particular actually had quite the iconic-sounding name, and I'd write it down for all of you, except if he were to ever Google himself, he would most likely find his way to my blog. Anyway, Kylie one day got onto the beloved Facebook and found out that First/Middle/Last name of boy had just entered into a relationship for all the cyber-world to see. She somehow ended up taking a walk in the rain that night, drowning (literally) in her sorrows, and a cop had to give her a ride home. After ending her vow of silence, (this is actually true. i didn't hear from her for two days.) Kylie's first words were, "You know it's bad when..."

Friday nights.

A few days ago I was blog stalking (myself, actually) and ran across the photo below. I wanted to cry tears of both joy and sorrow.

Tears of Joy because:
I can't believe I have a picture documenting something I nearly forgot!

Tears of Sorrow because:
I can't believe I have a picture documenting something I wish I forgot!

Yes. If you can't tell, that is two (yes, two) chickens (literally, entire chickens) from Walmart. This, in essence, was the year of 2009. The year Kylie and I ate our weight in calories every Friday night because we felt lame going to Provo dance parties (partly because Provo dance parties were usually lame) and partly because 2009 was a year of epic failures for us. We even made Taylor Swift music videos. It was that bad.

This whole post is just a ramble, really, because sometimes that's all I want to do when I have free time. I'm glad that since this time we've gratefully made some epic strides, and I am especially glad that I can share these things with Max who still loves me, regardless, anyway. (and for Kylie, too, whose still a bff after all these years, to this day.)

I don't know how you can survive life without laughing at yourself.


Jane said...


Falling Up said...

hahaahahah i peed. for some reason when we get depressed all we eat is chicken.....

Kelsie said...

@Jane - NO YOU ARE.
@Kylie - Hahahahaha. Eat mor chiken.

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