christmas eve theory.

July 30, 2012

Last Saturday was my 23rd Birthday.
It was also my one month anniversary.

That same day Max and I had a long drive back from Wallowa Lake, OR to Boise, ID so we did what we do best, and talked for most of our five hour drive.

It was during that drive that I told Max about "The Christmas Eve theory" my friends and I had once come up with. Let me explain:

A few years ago, my friends and I had convinced ourselves that dating really wasn't that bad, (which makes me laugh, because lets be honest: it is.) Dating, as we put it then, was like the Christmas season. And everything was being built up to Christmas Eve, which was our equivalent to falling in love, and getting married. But just like everybody knows, Christmas Eve is way better than Christmas day itself. Once Christmas Day is over, it's all over. No more Christmas cheer. It was over when the wedding was over. Yep. That was our ultra-unaffirmative Christmas Eve theory.

Admittedly, this theory was mostly to console us after an unfortunate realization that who we had liked at the time, certainly did not like us back... But as Max and I laughed in the car and talk about it now, I realized how wrong I was then. I hate to admit it, (partly because I am the co-creator of this theory,) but it is false. All false. There is no such thing as the Christmas Eve Theory. I know I've only been married for a month, but it's been the best month, 31+ days, of all my life. I'll be honest, there are plenty of adjustments: sleeping in the same bed with a wiggle worm and a sleep talker is one of them. I feel like I'll have mono for the rest of my life. But making it to "Christmas day" was a whole lot better than what I already dreamed it could be. Way better than Christmas Eve.

I'm a week late, but happy birthday and one month anniversary to me. I celebrated by coming up with a new theory: my old theory was wrong. Christmas day wins.


molly jane said...

Umm okay cutest. Picture. Ever. Love this! Lunch soon!

molly jane said...
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Jess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a awesome birthday!
BTW.. You two are such a cute couple!!

B said...

Happy belated birthday Miss (or Mrs.) Kels! I love your Christmas Eve theory, it totally made me laugh, and I think I tell you this all the time, but you are an amazing writer. I love you both tons and am happy that "Christmas Day" has been better than imagined ;)

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