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July 23, 2012

A night with a cabin full of cousins, inspiration from our favorite Disney Channel stars, and a bunch of bruised bananas equals one Walch family music video. These kids were out of control. There is no such thing as babysitting, because I have just as much fun with them as I do with any of my friends at home!

And to make it all even that much better, I don't think I had ever laughed as hard or as much as I did when our parents decided to join in on the fun, too.  My cheeks hurt, my wrinkles disappeared, five more years were added onto my life. Making the Grown Up version of the music video ended up turning into a PG rated dance party -- which was way more fun than anything I had ever seen or been to in Provo. (but I guess that might not be saying much :) so all I can say is what I said before: out of control.

This years' vacation proved to me that the Walch family reunions are the highlights of not only my summer, but probably my year. To be in my favorite place in the world, with all my favorite people, even if I'm listening to my not-so-favorite song on repeat... its the best.


Emma Karen said...

I love the Lyons! Also, Sherece kills me in the grown up one. Too funny.

allie margaret said...

hahahaha, i love this. made my day. can't say how many time i've danced around in my apartment to this with my roommates


Kelsie said...

@EmmaKaren - SO awesome you know the Lyons family!!! Haha. I love them so much, they're so fun.

kylee said...

i am dying over how cute that grown up version of the video is. you have the cutest/funnest family ever!

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness. Loooooved this video. Practically inspiring. :)

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