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June 18, 2012

Last night Max and I talked on the phone, like we usually do, right before we went to bed. I made sure to remind him that we needed to get our marriage license in the morning, and he asked me to make sure he picked sea sickness patches and a toothbrush at WalMart.

In the middle of all that, for some reason, I was reminded of myself six years ago: sitting in my bedroom, trying to whisper over the phone because my sister slept in the room next to mine.  For as long as I can remember, my nightly conversations with Max have been a part of every day. I remember one conversation in particular, though, talking about life after high school when we were only 17. We talked about what we wanted to be one day, where we planned on going to school, what we planned on doing, and most of all how we planned on living: seeing something, being something, doing something. We talked about our futures.

It's crazy to me to think that six years later, "that future" that I so often dreamed about and tentatively planned on is here. And it's with Max. And for the first time last night, amidst all the planning and commotion over the last few weeks and months, I felt so at peace. I could have never chosen anything or anyone better, or could have possibly wished that night on the phone so many years ago, for anything more.

To still be so madly, madly in love with someone who has always remained my very best friend, no matter the ups and downs and sideways growing up together inevitably brings, words will never be enough.

The future was really never as far off as I thought it would be, and now that "it's here" I couldn't be more grateful and excited for it to be with the boy I always hoped it would be.


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Jess said...

Oh wow, this blog post is so cute! And the photos are awesome!!! You both are gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

kelsie! my sweet sister. this post made me cry. you will both never know how much i love you two! i seriously have the best brother ever thanks to max ;) i am so excited for tomorrow, and the next day! i love you, call me off mom's phone! i can bring you my old one if you need it!

Chelsea said...

So excited for you KelsiE!!! :D

Steph Romney said...

Such a beautiful post. Your style is impeccable; I love your top! Congratulations, I am happy for all the peace in your life. Thank you for finding my blog, I love your kind words and support.

The Naulus said...

First. You're outfit is BEYOND adorable!! Second. You have fulfilled my life long dream of taking engagements in a boat. Third. You are glorious and we should be friends.

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