wedding bells are ringing.

May 7, 2012

I've only been out of school for a few weeks, but I feel like I've accomplished half of the start of summer to-do list. Book reading, Dunkaroo hunting (not kidding - when I found out that WalMart is selling these again I made half a dozen phone calls at least!) a battle between choosing diet coke or lemonade every time, and best of all: long, sunny, carefree afternoons with Max. Summer wins every time.

We've tied a few more loose ends when it comes to some of the wedding planning, too, including booking a string quartet for the wedding dinner. (I plan on posting a few pictures of the location and everything that has come together so far next time!)

Originally I was hoping to find music that would fit with the special day and the setting I would like that night at the dinner, but what I ended up finding was a dream come true. I was looking for something between both classical and modern music, and so when I found a string quartet with a repertoire including: When You Wish Upon A Star, La Vie en Rose, and Clair de Lune -- I was nearly smitten. And when I heard a clip of the song below, I nearly cried.

Yellow by Vitamin String Quartet on Grooveshark

45 more days... but whose counting?


Jane said...

WHAT!?! i ALWAYS talk about how much i miss dunkaroos and NOBODY remembers what I am talking about!!! This seriously just made my day. I am going tomorrow. ah i am so happy you discovered that!!!

Jane said...

and your wedding is coming up so soon! exciting!! :)

L!$@ said...

Dunkaroos are so different in Aus! Yay for your wedding coming together! Must be exciting :D

Anonymous said...

i love free people. and i'm so excited for that string quartet. p.s. we need to buy our john schmidt tickets for thanksgiving point this summer.

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