3 more things

May 22, 2012

dresses from decades,
a cake i've always dreamed of,
and the flower patch at the supermarket
(aka walmart)


Brittany said...

I love your 3 things posts. It's just the simple things.

Ruth and Nans said...

1) are those your bridesmaid dresses, or are they just yours? they are so darling.
2) is that your wedding cake?
3) did you buy your rocket summer ticket?

Anonymous said...

where is that cake from!?
we should buy it.
and eat it.

Kelsie said...

@ruth/nans - 1) no i wish they were my bridesmaid dresses! i love them.
2) wish it was my wedding cake too... haha just one i saw in a cupcake store.
3) no but i am going to buy it asap!

@bluths - ken its from cupcake chic. lets buy it this weekend and go on a kite flying picnic!

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