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February 20, 2012

If you ever want a blonde mohawk, I can tell you where to go, and who to see. Don't cry until you get in the car, and know your mom will be there to comfort you and tell you it doesn't look that bad - when in actuality, it does. Expect to make another two more trips to get it fixed, estimating 25% of your 3-day weekend getting your hair done. You like being a girl, but not today.

Go to the Spoken Word on Sunday morning when the snow is falling and you have to hold yourself tightly between your scarf, your coat, and your dad's arm. There is something so refreshing about waking up early and walking underneath a sky of snow flurries with your dad.

Eat a box of chocolates with Max, and don't eat the ones you know he likes best.

Make homemade hamburgers.

Sit in the bathroom to watch your mom do her own makeup. Even though the days of longing to be a grown up are over, it reminds you of being young, and how there is probably nobody on earth prettier than your own mom.

Buy an outfit you can't wear until Spring.

Hold hands when you go ice skating, even if you know how to do it without falling.

Say your sorry, even when your feelings have been hurt. And say I love you, more times than you can count.

Let the sun wake you up on holiday mornings.

And eat Cadbury eggs for breakfast, especially when you're feeling like your blonde mohawk is almost like the end of the world.

*photo of the flowers on my nightstand


kylee said...

this may just be one of my favorite posts of yours. i can pinpoint it exactly, but i love it. everything about it. you have a way with words. a splendid way with words.

Jane said...

blonde mohawk?! how did that happen? i am sorry. i love this post too, those flowers are beautiful - i am jealous you have them on your nightstand. eating a box of chocolates? that reminds me of the vow, did you see that? it was so-so, but the chocolate box part was darling. and cadbury eggs? soooo good. cadbury eggs + diet coke = a well balanced meal.

B said...

Kels, I love your posts. And I love that I know the people you're talking about, makes it that much better, and makes me miss it a little bit ;) Love you, girl. You are inspiring and I always am striving to be more like you.

Sounds like you had a great Valentines day, and I hope those flowers in your picture are from Mr. Max.

Mandy said...

Kels - I got the worst haircut ever a few months ago. I promise I cried for days - even at work. But - - it grew out. Not as fast as I wanted, but I took a lot of Hair, skin and nails pills and it helped, I promise.

And your weekend sounds perfect. (besides the hair, sorry!)

Kelsie said...

@kylee - You're so sweet. My mom and I think your blog is one of the cutest.

@Jane - Yes. my thoughts exactly when it comes to The Vow. And if you think diet coke + cadbury eggs are a well balanced meal, we're totally official best friends.

@b - Becca, thank you so much! Your comment was so sweet. And yes, the flowers are from Max :)

@Mandy - I already went to the store to stock up on prenatal vitamins (heard those help!) and anything that looked like it will hasten my hair growth. Probably one of the worst things ever.

allie margaret said...

i always love your posts so much, this is the perfect reflection on the small but wonderful things in life


andrea said...

when i go home on weekends to my mom's i always watch her get ready. :)

Brittany said...

I like this whole post. The chocolates, the outfit, the ice skating, what you said about you mom. Love it.

Okay, and mohawk? How did this happen? (Will it help is I say that I think you always look amazing? And hair grows out, right?)

And I want updates from you too! I'm sorry I never got back to you about lunch or dinner. But I must see you soon. Let's do it.

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