"if i could be asleep right now, i would be."

January 12, 2012

Sleeping is, hands down, the best thing I get to do every day. From the time I get up, I can’t wait to get back to sleep. Going to bed is amazing. It’s like the foreplay of sleep. I love everything about it. I love lying down. I love blankets. I love pillows. I love pajamas. I love reflecting on the day and planning for the next one. If I had my way, I’d be in bed as much as an unemployed baby with clinical depression. Except my diagnosis would be “clinical living the dream.” - via

Truth x a million.
Truth x infinity.

(and just an fyi, the article above is worth reading)

There are a few things I've come to the conclusion to, since being 22:
1. I love sleep. SO much.
2. I have no more time for sleep. Or anything else for that matter. Where did this time go?
3. Errands. Errands take a whole lot longer than I ever thought possible. My mom used to spend all day running around getting things done, and I thought it was ridiculous that it took a whole 24 hours! Figured out why. Driving. Driving to run errands takes for-ev-er.
4. An idea of a fun weekend does not mean going out anymore.
5. I plan my life in my head at night while lying in bed, all the way up until my retirement. That whole "making lists" thing? I do it.
6. Finally, and maybe the most depressing one of them all: my calories catch up with me now. High school lunch meal (every day my senior year) = 2 lunchables, 33 cent candy bar (usually a Reeses) and a bottle of water (grand total of $2.78! Thank you Maceys!) If I ate that these days, I'd die.

And since six is my lucky number, I will end there.


Ashley said...

I read this article today, too. And I loved it. And then I smiled to myself when I saw you posted it... because I'm pretty sure my family wondered what was wrong with me as a teenager/young adult when I'd sleep hours and hours and hours. Sleep is just the best. Everything else just takes too much time.

whimsy said...

this may be the best thing i have ever read. fullheartedly agree with ever last word. and i just may re-blog it. if you dont mind. totally made my day that im not the only sick pathetic one who feels this way.

Jane Garner said...

ha ha so true. i think about how i used to eat taco bell for lunch and mac & cheese for a snack every single day in high school and i didn't even appreciate it. i do now...i definitely do now.

Jalene said...

hey girl! i need to ask you a question and couldn't find your email. can you email me asap? jalenetaylor at gmail.


janis said...

thanks for your kind words, kelsie!

Minted Magazine said...

It's very true. It's very very true.

Minted Magazine


adri said...

Ah dude. If only we could live off of lunchables again. I'm with you on that!

memory said...

YES. sleep is my escape.


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