birthday cake pop.

January 6, 2012

Starbucks and steamers,
Two birthday cake pops,
And three of the people who I love the most -
especially the boy sitting right next to me.


Brittany said...

Stop it. You're beautiful. And so are your cake pops.

Mandy said...

Cuties! I love you guys. My sisters are in town for the next two weeks, but after they leave want to come over?

whimsy said...

AHHHH! YOU LOVE HIM>!>!>!>!>!!>!> and i love your cake pop! and i can not believe that you said i look pretty in those pics from new years. oh my gosh you are the nicest ever! seriously, i was debating even posting them for the world to see, but then i decided that i dont blog for others, but for my documentation of my life, so i put them up with so much embarrasement! you are seriously my fav ever. i feel like we are sisters sometimes. weirdest thing to say, i know. but i just love you. can we please hang out for hours? like yesterday? i need to hear allllll about your lover boy. STAT.

Autumn said...

I really want a cake pop now!

Catherine said...

Ummmm, how CUTE are you two!??! Happy for you!! :) And those cake pops look divine!

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