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November 2, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I should turn this blog into the adventures of Kelsie and Kylie, because that's what most of it is. Kylie has been my best friend since we were fifteen years old, and I'm pretty sure we knew each other before that in heaven. I think we promised to find each other here on earth just so we could get through life together -- because lets be honest: sometimes life is hard.

Kylie shares her personal experience here, but after the month of April this past year, I think we became more like adopted twin sisters. We sat in bed for weeks, crying, laughing, crying even more - wearing our pajamas and only eating Cracker Barrel fried chicken. (we joke about it now - but confession: that month we both had Cracker Barrel on speed dial).

Even though I've always considered Kylie one of the closest friends I've ever had over the past seven years, the past seven months we've become even closer. Saying things like "Cody," "a lot can happen in a day," or "bullet points" all mean something, but probably only to the two of us. We kick each other underneath the table when we know we're both thinking the same thing, or plan our weekend dates around the other so we don't go more than 48 hours without at least a diet coke run together.

And I know growing up means things change, because I've seen a lot of that this past year. But I also know that growing up in my and Kylie's case only means another 365 days of friendship. So with all that (and so much more) -- let me just say I love Kylie like a sister and couldn't be any more grateful for a kindred spirit like her. Her 22nd (take 2) year of life will surely be the best - because lets be honest: we'll be the best of friends for all of it.

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Brittany said...

I have friends like that too. Ones that I really feel like I can't live without. It's funny how hard times can do wonders for your friendships right?

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