my sunday afternoon walk.

October 24, 2011

I had two favorite things about yesterday:

1. An afternoon walk.
2. And a family dinner.

When we cracked open an egg and noticed two yokes in the center, we made a wish for good luck. And then I went snap happy on a walk up the canyon and later was introduced to just about the funniest person alive. If I could have a new roommate, I'd probably pick Fredrick, The Protector of Faith.*

*(warning: this film is not g-rated).


kylee said...

obsessssed with that first picture! where did you take it?

steph said...

for REALS, please share. that spot is prime.

Michelle Kay said...

Your blog is beautiful... simply beautiful. The writing, the pictures... it is so romantic! I'm a fan. :)

Brittany said...

What a perfect Sunday. I love your autumn table too!

7upkels said...

@steph and kylee - it was up provo canyon on the river trailway near bridal veil falls. SO pretty!

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