August 3, 2011

Thelma and Eleanor made a new friend before I left (a blue beach cruiser Sara so perfectly named Luna), and right now that is the only thing that makes me feel okay about having to leave New Zealand in the next little while. I didn't think that I'd be that sad to go, but I have a feeling I just might.

I have so (so, so, so) so many adventures that I want to write about, (like):
-The night I finally tried vegemite (it's awful)
-Gold Class Theaters. Watching a movie on a lazy boy recliner (seriously) and they serve you MnM's in a champagne glass? Why, thank you for changing my life.
-The fact that the pizza here is worth living for (not kidding). I have a new unhealthy addiction for pizza.
-The New Zealand International Film Festival. That deserves an entire post of its own.
-The fish market - which almost made me sick to my stomach. So many (ginormous) fish (on steroids).
-The cutest friends I've been able to make... I once believed the nicest people lived in Hawaii, but I changed my mind: they're in NZ.
-And going on the worlds best date (with yes, a boy who has an accent) traveling around to things like little quaint towns and the most beautiful beach I've ever seen... If I die tomorrow, I have lived a full life.

But I plan on writing more about all of that soon enough. In the meantime though: TGFT. Or in other words, Thank goodness for Thelma (and the friends at home who I miss oh so much!)
Because oh my, I will miss it here too.

Please listen to this song. He's kind of a big deal down here, and he should be at home too. #Love.


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I can't wait (really can't wait) to hear about everything you just listed! I hope your journey home goes smoothly, and that your last few days in New Zealand are perfect!

Ashley Brooke said...

that bike looks amazing! i also have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $100 gift certificate if you're interested :)

kylee said...

i want to hear about every single thing you listed there in full. especially the date with mr. dream boat. so glad you're having so much fun!

Anonymous said...

kelsie i loveeeeeee you.

L!$@ said...

Ha ha ha Vegemite is the bomb!! :D Hope you did it right!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!! New Zealand OOH my goodness so exciting! safe travels home! <3

Brooke Cushman said...

Oh my goodness, I really would like a bike.

Robots in Trouble said...

hahaha... okay... okay... when i go to new zealand, i'm going to see if the people are nice! i know for sure that where i live, people here are MEAN! and i need to be in a friendly environment :] NZ sounds awesome. i hope to visit one day :]

reply: you lived with a person who ate a lot of sardines that your place smelled like it? lol... i like sardines! LOL... i barely eat it though, but yes... that isn't a pretty smell. i guess i would stick with thinking that my house smells like rice then.

-robots in trouble

Jess said...

Oh i am so in love with your bikes! I wish Hobart was flatter!
Totally agree with you, vegemite is disgusting! You could totally come back and spend more time in Australia! It's awesome here!

whimsy said...

hello my long lost love! i have been so MIA in the blog world and just saw that you have been in NZ! yay for you! thats so amazing! are you still there? it looks absolutely incredible! can we get together when you get back and catch uo?! loves!!

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