a vacation on vacation.

July 28, 2011

I've grown up hearing my dad never being able to quite fully put into words his love for Australia. Serving an LDS mission in Sydney years ago, I've heard all my life about the most beautiful city in the world and all of the incredible experiences he had as a 19 year old boy living in this country for two years.

I grew up dreaming about coming one day and seeing everything all for myself, (...and wanting to own my own baby koala. my first stuffed animal was a koala bear with velcro hands that I probably loved more than anything when I was little!) So needless to say, when I first found out that Australia would be a part of my summer plans, it was some of the most exciting news I've had in all 22 years of my life.

My pictures hardly do any justice, because truthfully, the city is so beautiful it could make you cry. The Sydney Harbor/Bridge/Opera House and everything surrounding the area is out of this world. And this is saying a lot, (especially for those of you who know me) but as much as I've loved and adored and have always wanted to live in Boston all my life, I'd trade it in a second to move to Sydney. It is by far the most spectacular/breathtaking/beautiful city in the world, and now I know why my dad didn't have enough words to describe it, because really, I don't either. It's unreal.

I'll write more about all the specific and exciting things we've been able to do, but in the meantime... change of plans everyone: I'm not ever coming home.


Jess said...

YAY don't go back, stay in Australia! It's awesome! I love Sydney! If you think Sydney is good, you should see the rest of Australia! Like Tasmania where I live!
Glad to hear your enjoying yourself!

L!$@ said...

Australia is awesome! I've had my whole life living here and it is amazing!! :D

Brooke Cushman said...

Oh goodness, I want to come there too! I wish I could ship myself there with you!

Does everyone have Australian accents? I want to come just for that!

Vacation on vacation? Living the life aren't you.

Brittany said...

Beautiful Kels. I can totally see you living there.

katrina said...

it is such a beautiful city! do the bridge climb! its pretty amazing.

Mandy said...

Amazing! I am so jealous. And I read your email - working on a response! Sorry it took forevs.

Jalene said...

my dad also served in australia! we went back when i was in 8th grade. and i also had a koala with velcro hands. did it have a little baby with it too?? so funny! i love australia! we watched the fireworks shoot off the opera house on new years eve. best ever.

Robots in Trouble said...

these photos are amazing. i thought you pulled it out of some site. but i guess i'm wrong. i still have yet to go to australia. you talk about it like it's a dream. i'm definitely going to have australia in my list of places to visit someday :]

-robots in trouble

Anonymous said...


why am i not thereeee.

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