the lake.

July 18, 2011

The last thing I would still ever identify myself as is a runner, but when it's not raining (and raining... and raining) it's too pretty and perfect outside not to. My parents live minutes away from both the beach and a lake, so I have a hard time each morning deciding where I'd like to go. This week, though, I think I like the lake best. It's still a little too cold for the ocean, and there's a bench I've found with my name on it right next to the lake with the prettiest view.

So today I packed a picnic and a book and went back to enjoy the two most relaxing hours I've had all summer. I couldn't choose between thinking about life or teaching myself how to whistle, so it was probably an hour of each.

Best day so far, I'd say, but I said that last time didn't I?


Brooke Cushman said...

I wish I could talk about flying into New Zealand being such a common occurance. . . . Looks like a great place to be spending your summer! I'd really like to join you!

Brittany said...

I love being around water and I love that you get to choose between a lake and the ocean. Killer location.

kylie said...

your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i'm seriously seriously seriously so obsessed with your blog.

you should win the cutest girl award ever.

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