love lane.

June 15, 2011

On the agenda:

I told myself today that I'd celebrate being done with finals by going to Salt Lake (and by Salt Lake I mean) I'm going shopping. JCrew, Decades, Victoria Secret (lip gloss for $1.75 - I'm pretty sure somebody spent nearly $50 in lip gloss last night), Ruth's Diner (tears of joy beginning... now), and maybe even another quick hike up to Ensign Peak.

But the best part of all of this is: I haven't even taken my finals. So really, I'm celebrating an unfinished final/a final-for-tomorrow/or most honestly: pure procrastination. It's exactly what today calls for.

Oh, and PS:
Last night we went to the dollar theater to finally see the Disney movie: Prom. I had wanted to see it for months (just ask Elin/Kristina) and I've got to be honest - the four quarters I spent were worth the 90 minutes of laughing so hard I was crying. Maybe it was because it was ten at night, maybe it was the freshman declaring his love from a tree, or the "you are my supernova, nova" jokes from the girl in front of us, or the "are you serious?" (constantly) from the boy behind - either way: 4 quarters were worth it. But if they had asked for 5? Not so much.


(photo thanks to an early morning email from sarbear, which hasn't any real significance - rather just a memory from the weekend she was almost swept away with the river. don't worry, she lived.)


Jessica Lynn said...

okay prom, yes. A boy in my ward paid for 8 of us girls to go with him (what a man!) and I laughed my way through it. So beautiful and completely unpredictable.

Good luck with finals!

abby | ybba said...

I want to see Prom too! Maybe I'll just wait to see it on DVD. Ohhh... I love dollar theaters! They're usually theaters that are old looking huh? hehe..

Anyway... I love that photo "Love Lane" I think there's a street over here called Love Street. I'm not sure though. hehe.


Brooke Cushman said...

That is the cutest street name I have ever seen! I just moved to a city named "Sunnyvale" which I looked specifically for apartments in because I thought it was a cute name of a place to live. :o)

andrea said...

i've wanted to see that movie too! maybe (since i am going to the great SLC this weekend) I will have to grab a couple girlfriends and go see it!

Anonymous said...

so in love with this picture!

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