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June 19, 2011

Some of my friends have made the joke that if you were to call me and begin a conversation, you could put the phone down for at least three minutes, and three minutes later I'd still be talking unaware that the person on the other line had gone (ha...ha...) -- But ask me about either of my parents, and I'm sure that would be the case.

-- Except today I'd like to specifically dedicate to my dad, because that's just the sort of thing you do on fathers day.

I could tell you a million stories of a million different ways that my dad has been one of greatest examples in my life, but today I decided to share one of my favorite memories instead: my first kiss.

Because we weren't allowed to date in my home until age 16, my first kiss had to be kept secret because I was still fifteen and a half - and I was convinced that if my parents found out, I'd be banned from dating Spencer Beeston until college graduation (haha - dramatic now, but at the time I was truly convinced that would have been the case.) So I swore to myself that I'd never, ever tell my family -- and most especially, I'd never, ever tell my dad.

Well, all that changed when I made the exception and told my little sister about it (like fifteen seconds after I got home) and I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised when she apparently went straightway and told my dad about it anyway.

And I still remember that Saturday morning -- walking into my bedroom, seeing my dad there sitting at my desk. Do you guys remember ever missing curfew? (oh the joy of junior year) My parents were always sitting at the kitchen table by the time I walked in the door - and worst of all, all they had to say was: We'll talk about it in the morning.

Well that particular Saturday morning was that same awkward/guilt/dang it feeling times a million, because as I slowly walked into my room, all my dad had to say was: "We need to have a talk."

And although I can't really remember what we specifically talked about, (other than my dad making me read a Jon Bytheway article entitled: "What Do Kisses Mean" - haha) what I remember the most was hugging my dad after a long, awkward, "I promise it won't happen until I'm at least 27" conversation, and my dad telling me that he loved me.

I'm biased, but my dad is the best person I know, the best basketball player I know, and most gratefully, the best father I know. And since today is fathers day, what better way to celebrate than by letting other people know what kind of a dad my dad is - because he's just the best.

happy fathers day!


ps. dad - after looking for half an hour, i swear this is the only picture in existence of just the two of us. (and it was taken like 18 years ago, and i take up 1/100 of it). depressing. time to change that this summer.

pss. best fathers day card. "like hunting down and killing his enemies."

psss. love (and watch!) this video.

ppsss. love you dad.


kylee said...

gotta love the dad moments like that. when i was fifteen i think it was, maybe fourteen, i had a little crush on this boy. he came to my birthday party and when the movie was put on he decided to cuddle with me. same rules in my fam with the no dating so i told my friends to warn me if my dad came downstairs. cuddling seemed to be the worst possible thing i could do. well my friends decided to not warn me and my dad came down and just stared at us for a second. i was terrified. when i noticed him i threw mr. crush's hand away from me and feared for my life. at the end of the night i thought i was done for but my dad just laughed at me.

Brittany said...

I read this on Sunday and didn't comment, but I loved it. I may have even cried a little. My dad is the best too. We are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

my dad's better than your dad :)

Anonymous said...

haha GET IT!? we have the same dad!!


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