a rainy-ish monday afternoon.

May 9, 2011

We take the back road to Wills Pit Stop because the streets look like we just pedaled our way out of Provo. Whenever we take our bikes out to that particular picnic spot of ours, I feel like we leave our small college town and let go of everything that has anything to do with it.

And that is what I needed the most this weekend.

No, I don't like to blog a lot about bad days, even though I have them. And I don't usually like to focus on what might not be right, even though it might seem ignorant. No, most of the time I think I would rather focus on the good, because if it counts for anything at all, I think that it's something I'm good at.

But when I do have a bad day, or something frustrating happens, and I have puffy eyes or a sad heart, I pedal my bike on the back roads to Wills Pit Stop. I pretend that the pretty houses along the stream, and my blueberry pixie sticks and her honey lemonade are the only things that matter to me. And even if it's just for an hour or two, it's nice to let go of everything else.



L!$@ said...

Even the bad days can be blogged about...glad you have a spot to escape them though :D

Mary said...

I understand what you mean. There are times when I'm having a bad day or week, and I end up not posting anything to the blog. As much as I want my blog to be real, I guess I'd like my blog to continue to be my happy place. Where I can remember the good and let go of the bad...

Anonymous said...

:( why were you sad and i didn't know about it?

love you. so cute.

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