class of '07.

May 22, 2011

Class of 07. from Kelsie Christensen on Vimeo.

This isn't the first video I've shared online, but this is definitely where it all started. We began documenting life through our videos toward the end of our senior year in high school, and now I'm so unbelievably grateful we did - (despite Wes, Heaston and Ben protesting it most of the time.)

When I watched this video a few months ago with some of the friends who are in it, I could hardly believe that four years had passed since I wore my red gown with gold tassels, and tossed my graduation cap up in the air. Admittedly, I would never trade even the stressful or more hectic parts of life now, for my untroubled cares at seventeen -- but a part of me will always seem to miss it deep down.

And although I don't think I could have told you where exactly we'd all be four years from that day, (engaged, married, single, nursing/film/broadcast/elementary ed degrees, returned missionaries, only 5 months left missionaries, engaged after only one month, married for almost three years -- etc etc etc) I bet I at least could have told you we'd all still be friends.

Phone friends, only-see-each-other-every-few-months friends, friends who still put too much salt on their food, friends who still believe Merlin lives at Maple Lake, friends who sing along with The Rocket Summer and Jamison Parker, friends who are finally friends again, and friends who are still in love... Whatever we are to each other, I'm just glad we're still there.


And PS...
While we're taking this trip down memory lane, it should be noted that the only name they got wrong out of the hundreds of students during the graduation ceremony was... yours truly.
As they snapped my picture for the entire McKay Events Center to see (think: at least two thousand people) they announced me as "Malerie Loveland" instead of Kelsie Christensen. My jaw dropped to the floor and my final glorious moments as a Spanish Fork Don were unsurprisingly somewhat of a disaster. Literally my face was as red as my cap and gown - so it's a good thing red was one of our school colors anyway.


kylee said...

loooove that you have videos like that from high school. i wish i had documented my high school life as well as i document it now.

Jessica Lynn said...

NO WAY YOU ARE FROM SF? haha, I'm from springville. way better...

Anonymous said...

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