the secret.

March 15, 2011

I had a friend convince me the other day that The Secret changes lives... (well that and the Book Of Mormon) but although I was doubtful at first, I found his experience pretty convincing. And if you read the following, you'll see why:

We first celebrated this "life changing" phenomena by getting ice cream on Thursday because of the 96% he got on his Biology test -- a 37% improvement from his first exam. (And if you ask me, seeing "Good Job!" on the testing center screen merits ice cream and cherries and whip cream and cupcakes). But even though his test score was worth celebrating, I still wasn't convinced.

But then -- I got a text on Friday morning, inviting me to a celebratory luncheon because he had finally found the girl of his dreams (and even though he had to pass her a note in the library to actually ask her out) he did it. And she said yes.

And then! Late Saturday night I got a text telling me he had won $500 dollars earlier that day. And that his life is close to perfect. And that all I need to do is: read and believe in "The Secret" -- because as the book states: 1. Believe (and then 2. you shall receive).

Needless to say, his random streak of luck over the past few days made me think twice about "The Secret." So I watched the documentary yesterday afternoon, took notes throughout all 90 minutes, (and although some of their methods were...well, pretty obvious to me...) I thought that it made sense: If I put out positive forces into the universe, the law of attraction would inevitably have to respond by bringing me positive results. So that's what I did: positive positive positive thoughts, and within the past 24 hours I have:

Had a parking ticket.
Learned that the cute delivery book boy I've had a crush on for months already has a girlfriend.
Guessed on about 50% of my English exam this morning (even though I studied 29 hours yesterday).
I was told that rain is forecasted for this afternoon - and my springtime picnic might have to be rain checked (actually...not really, because I will go sit on a blanket, in the park, in my straw hat, come rain, snow or shine. I've been looking forward to this one waaaay too long).
And finally - I don't know how this one happened, but I thought the can of shaving cream under my sink was hairspray for a moment -- and I screamed when I realized I had pink foam covering the top of my head.

The Secret may work for others - but apparently it doesn't for me.


Life is still good, but as Forrest Gump would say: That is all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

This totally sound like sonething that would happen to me! Hope your week gets better!

Catherine Anne said...

Oh man, that sounds rough. I saw that book at Target last week and wondered if I should read it. My friend's mom really believes in it and she's always telling me to "put the secret out". I just think it's best to find the positive in everything. But I hope your week gets better and you have a lovely time at your picnic :)

Steph Romney said...

The documentary is lame. READ THE BOOK. I know it works. Just to warn you...this blog post will just bring more tickets and pink foam in your hair. "Just when the universe is about to reward someone, they give up and attract the bad." Take it from someone who won the rest of their tuition and met Zac Efron: read the book. Live it. I may be nutty, but it works.

Jessica Lynn said...

funniest thing I've read all day.
but it didn't rain, so maybe it works??

Mary said...

Making me laugh. Hope your week gets better! I do think there's something to the idea of putting out positive energy into the universe, although I don't think that book would be for me.

Katrina said...

this made me giggle out loud in the library. Tanner looked like I was crazy. But really, this is so well written and I love you. Hope you enjoy your pretty picnic. and mark your calendar for april 22 because you are coming to my bridal shower.

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