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December 7, 2010

I spent my first semester of college living on the island of Oahu in a tiny little town called Laie, where I spent most of my time on the beach enjoying snow cones from Angel's Ice Cream Shop and stressing about Biology (I hated Biology).

Thinking back, one of my favorite memories had to be my daily trips to Temple Beach. Somehow, despite the Hawaiian sunshine, I always seemed to be getting myself caught in freak thunderstorms seriously seconds after I would lay my textbooks and towel down in the sand. It happened so often that it eventually became routine for me to make a detour to the nearest bus stop for cover, waiting for the clouds to disappear, and for the warm, friendly sun to return.

Although I blame my pale skin (despite my religious tanning efforts) to the daily rain storms, the best part about waiting at the bus stop was the conversations I'd find myself having with some of the locals. Although they rarely wore shoes, I never caught someone without a smile. When first meeting someone new, they'd act as if you were some long lost family member, completely eligible and welcome to anything they owned: their home, their food, their families (maybe even their inheritance). I do believe the Polynesian people are some of the most generous people on the planet, and I'd give an arm and a leg to go back.

But as ideal as that lifestyle sounds, truthfully, I was so homesick the first few weeks of school that I don't think I was able to fully recognize the most beautiful and wonderful adventure I was about to have. Hiking to unknown waterfalls, jumping off of cliffs, taking a hula class which replaced a P.E. credit (score), and spending Sunday evenings with friends on Sunset beach singing along with Jack Johnson and a ukulele; I miss it all so much sometimes, that I catch myself wishing I could go back and experience that part of college all over again.

But like everything else in life, that adventure of mine eventually came to an end. Although Christmas break back home in Utah was originally the only thing I found myself looking forward to, I know now that time goes by so quickly as it is, it's almost like doing yourself a disfavor by wishing it would go by any faster.
(Which reminds me of a Children's Book of Virtues story I read as a kid -- did anyone else read those??)

Anyway, the whole point of this rather long and nostalgic post was to basically say this: life goes by fast, and it seems to be going by faster the older I get. And considering I only have a few more semesters left until college graduation, and understanding that this time of life is fleeting and evanescent as it is (new favorite word) - I have finally made the decision to spend my upcoming summer in Takapuna, New Zealand.

I know myself well enough to know that I will miss my friends before I even get on the plane.
I might even miss 178 weddings because that's the road everyone seems to be taking.
I'll miss my job and the wonderful people I work with.
I hesitate in admitting this, but ... I might even miss Provo.

But this time, as much as I'll miss the things about home, I find the possibility and promise of a new adventure more and more exciting exciting as days go by.

And the first thing I intend on doing when I arrive in April?
Pick up a New Zealand accent, (and eat all the Tim Tams I can possibly handle). Cross my heart, it is the most attractive (and most delicious) thing ever.


vintch said...

the way you described your time in hawaii is absolutely gorgeous. sounds like such a dream! and YES i have the HUGE hardback copy of "chidren's book of virtues"-LOVE IT:) your blog is such a lovely inspiration.

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

Your first year in college sounds like something from a movie or book! Beautiful:)

Katrina said...

I love that story from the Book of Virtues and I love that whole book. I'm excited for your new adventure this summer but yes-sad you'll be missing something of mine :)

Mary said...

Very cool post and amazing decision! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures...

Ash said...

Hawaii sounds idyllic. I wanted to go there, but it was never in the cards for me. I really miss college... real bad. It feels like my life is going really fast now, too. I fully believe in seizing the day! You'll have a fantastic time in New Zealand. SOrry for such a LONG comment.

Tucker said...

what an opportunity! looking forward to seeing NZ through your eyes.

great decision!!

emily said...

i love the hawaii and i am super stoked for you to go to NZ. it will be great, i just know it.

Anonymous said...

you'll love it :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. i can't wait for you to get out here in a few weeks :) i've already spent most the day laying out. ahh. love.

Laura Darling said...

I can't believe you were able to go to that beach every day! How awesome! And good luck in New Zealand! That is so brave but I'm sure it will be well worth it!!

nuttypigeon said...

Your first semester of college sounds so exciting! Some people get all the luck :o)


emmakaren said...

I am so envious that you got to go there.... And I have that book and now I think I might go pay $35 to apply to BYU Hawaii... haha. My parents will love this. :)

Brittany said...

Oh my! This is so so exciting! I can't wait to follow your amazing summer in New Zealand. New Zealand is my secret dream. I know you will make is so amazing.

But, we must have lunch before you leave!

whimsy said...

yay! so excited for you! but can we please hang out before you leave?!

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