November 12, 2010

I've never read Harry Potter.
Not even a page.

A friend (who thought I was crazy) tried to convince me every day that I was missing one of the greatest gifts mankind had to offer. I still remember getting texts at three in the morning saying something along the lines of "I can't stop reading..." But basically my Harry Potter knowledge comes down to this: Voldemort is bad. Harry Potter is good. And Hermione is way, way cute, at least in the movies. But I, for whatever reason, was never interested.

Later on, this same HP obsessed friend even went so far as to go and buy a second set of all 7 books in the series, just so I could have my own copies and finally get around to reading "what I had always been missing,"
But that was last summer,
and I'm afraid the unopened books have only gathered dust on my shelves.

For whatever, out of the ordinary reason,
I've decided that with an open agenda this weekend,
I am going to finally begin book one: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
So even though I'm twelve years too late,
is it too late to start?

My cute little sis (and only little sis) - so in other words, my favorite little sis Kenna wanted me to pass this on to all those interested: If you're anywhere near the University Mall this next weekend in Orem, Utah, mention her name if you happen to stop by American Eagle, and you can get an additional 20% off your AE purchase!

I forget Christmas shopping is right around the corner...


Kate said...

It's never too late to start!
I will second the friend who told you that HP is one of the greatest gifts of mankind.

You are in for a serious treat!
Enjoy, girl!

Erin said...

never too late for harry potter!!! never too late for magic.

Brittany said...

i have a feeling you'll love it.

at least i do. those 7 books are practically my childhood.

Tyanna said...

Better late than never! Harry Potter is so magical! :) Happy reading. :)

cole linnae said...

i started senior year of highschool after vowing for 10 years i'd never read them! now i'm obsessed. and once you get past the first and second books, you WONT be able to put them down.
promise :)

Mary said...

I adore Harry Potter and was sad to see the series end. I plan to re-read the last one before I go see the movie. My sister, however, tried to read it and just couldn't get into it - too much fantasy for her. I hope you end up loving it though, because it is truly magical, addicting reading. And if you get a bit unsure in the first book, remind yourself that they get better and better...#3 and #5 were my favorites. Have fun!

whimsy said...

ummm i really can not believe you have not read HP. they are so you. i would think you were a huge fan. I am in love. you will be too. guaranteed. only problem. is now there is so much hype. so you will be expecting so much. just let it happen. dont expect too much.
and yes, i had heart surgery, about two years ago. i found out i had a hole the size of a quarter in the center of my heart a week before i was supposed to leave for the MTC. let me know if you want to hear the whole story, otherwise i will not bore you with details...

Jess said...

i know how you feel, I have two friends still trying to talk me into reading them.
How are you enjoying them so far?

Michelle said...

wha?? Never read a page? I am actually really jealous of you now because you get to have the excitement of reading them for the first time. I don't even care if it's a "follower" thing to do which turns some people of it. Because it's THAT good. And lovely.

you MUST let us know how it is!!! aggghhhhh!!!!

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

Never read Happy Potter eaither, never seen the movies. I saw a little part once and just wasn't that interested. Give me a romantic comedy insted :)

katrina said...

you are about to embark on the most epic journey OF YOUR LIFE. im not kidding.


im DONE with christmas shopping. i cant even believe it.

abby | ybba said...

Of course you're never too late for Harry Potter.... Wait... So I'm guessing that you've never seen the movies too right? GOOD! After reading the books, you must see the movies :} It's GOOD!

Well, let us know what you think of the books!! :}

Poor Harry... Always getting picked on by his fatty uncle :{

Anonymous said...

i dont think twelve years late is too late! (and that makes me feel old, because i remember when it came out).

but the first book was really awesome. i would love to reread them at some point.

and dont even get me started on christmas shopping. yikes!!

{lovely little things} said...

Not too late, go for it!!

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