rocket summer.

October 20, 2010

we all have our guilty pleasures, but since i was about 16 -
the rocket summer has always been mine.
after already seeing him 11 times in concert,
i am making it 12 this november.
the confetti during his shows just gets me every time.

and as for gossip girls - (another all too common guilty pleasure)
i don't know how i've managed to do it,
but i've completely sworn off the television series.
first facebook, now gossip girl - this should elevate my status to: i'm a-maz-ing.


Jane Garner said...

i can't believe you have seen him so many times! that is amazing!

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

i don't know how you have sworn off gossip girls. i'm addicted! kudos to you!
xoxo, jamie

syd and spence said...

okay i have the same guilty pleasure...gossip girl, but honestly i don't even like it. thanks to you i'm swearing off it too!

Jalene said...

dang it! i want to go!!

Brittany said...

the rocket summer is so fantastic. i love live music. my friends and i are so excited for the ingrid concert in slc this week!

and i swore off gg last season, but the paris episodes sucked me back in. it's a never ending battle.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

you are .SO. strong. Wish I could just get rid of my facebook and be done with it... why the pressure from people? Whyyyyy

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