i love love love.

September 23, 2010

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.
"and we don't got many romantic things to say,
but they stir my heart."

well if this isn't the cutest thing i ever did see, i don't know what is.

and what is it about me lately that makes me so gosh darn excited for my own wedding one day? is it possibly because i live in provo, utah? the most-likely-to-be-married-before-you're-22 capitol of the world? is it because i go to byu, and am reminded of it every day? is it because i spend most nights talking about being in love with my darlingest best friend in the entire world? even when it's two in the morning and our alarm clocks will be going off in t-minus 5 hours? oh, possibly.

but i'm engaged to be in love today, even if it's just for the day.

ps. brandon (the cute book delivery boy) made another delivery today. i thought about showing him this video... maybe next time.


kara lynn said...

so cute! this video is adorable. and do you mind if i join you for being engaged in love today. i think, maybe, possibly it will help my homework get done faster.

Jamie said...

I've seen this before and LOVE the video.

whimsy said...

you know, you still do all that even after you are married too. its just in our blood. girls,we love love. and ps, your comments make me grin ear to ear every time. i just adore you. and pps. im free whenever. quite literally.

Jane Garner said...

oh my gosh, this was so adorable! "...at night, when she asks me, do you want a little ice cream, or would you please drink more water? i know they arent very romantic things to say, but it stirs my heart." this is the cutest video i've ever seen! love + old people = two of the best things ever.

abby | ybba said...

this is so sweet !
i wish my marriage would be this strong as time progresses ^__^

JMay said...

ahhh, this video seriously made me cry!!!

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