Morey's Pier.

August 10, 2010

recently added to the list of things to do before i die:
eat dinner on top of a ferris wheel at
morey's pier in wildwood new jersey.
because it's actually possible.

(side note: they actually only serve breakfast,
but i have a good feeling that one of these days they'll make the change from breakfast to dinner,
if only to accommodate my dying wish)

usually, i'm not a huge fan of heights --
but the idea of sitting in a ferris wheel,
eating dinner,
looking out over the ocean,
(perhaps with a significant other)
is enough to sign me up.

but since i live 2,169 miles away,
i heard the county fair is coming to town next week,
so in the meantime -- caramel apples will have to do.

ps. can you imagine having a ferris wheel at your wedding
reception like this couple?


Be one with the Fro said...

I love Wildwood. I'll actually be there this weekend for my birthday. I never thought of eating at the top of the ferris wheel though ... great idea!

Sara said...

Things like that make me want to plan my wedding already..but since I am single, I don't think that's possible!

Anna said...


SO cute!

Is it okay to copy such a beautiful dream?

I want this too!!!

Anna said...


SO cute!

Is it okay to copy such a beautiful dream?

I want this too!!!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

That would be amazing!! I always see the ferris wheel in Santa Monica but have never actually been on, maybe I should plan a date for Andre and I with cotton candy!!!!! hahaha so much excited for cotton candy

Erny said...

oh wow! very very pretty wedding!

I hope you get to fulfill your wish one way or another. :)

Erny said...
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Fashion-Resort! said...


Chelsea Owens said...

Ferris wheels are so grand. And I know isn't that wedding divine?! That couple actually goes to school in BYUH. Neato peeps. :)

Mandy said...

Doug and Paige are my good friends! That is so funny that you mentioned their wedding. Paige told me that not a week goes by that someone doesn't blog or email her about her wedding.

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