chasing summer.

August 18, 2010

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"The Endless Summer" was a documentary that came out in 1966,
which follows two young surfers who basically "chase summer"
around the world for an entire year.

When I first heard about this movie, I was sitting in a diner in California and decided that instead of making my trip back home to Utah, I would instead, forget finals and chase summer.
(common sense usually gets the best of me though,
and the end of this story is: I ended up driving back home to Utah)

I forgot about this movie until the other day,
and now that my summer is really coming to an end,
I've decided that,
(at least when money and school don't get in the way)
I will be chasing summer one day.

Until then, my never-ending
summertime soundtrack will have to do.


DT said...

hey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) hope you'll stop by more!

Mary said...

Fun mix and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog too! You must be making the rounds today. ;-) Your blog has fast become a favorite!

Anonymous said...

#1. Will always be Summer of 2010 :)

Jodie Eileen ツ said...

haha love the mix :)

Sara said...

I unfortunatly am at work and I can't listen to any of the songs....stupid firewall!!

Jessica said...

chasing summer would be an amazing adventure. too bad school and work take priority right now. maybe one day..

Damaris said...

endless summer is classic

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