my box of cookies.

June 30, 2010

you know it's been a bad day when:

- you find yourself laying on the bathroom (tile) floor at midnight eating a box of girl scout cookies with no motivation whatsoever to walk 12 feet and get into bed.


- you know things will always inevitably look better in the morning when you're eating that same box of girl scout cookies for breakfast, and for some reason, everything suddenly makes sense.


emily said...

i'm really glad you had the cookies there for you. i did the same thing with ice cream the other day. just sort of sat and stared and ate and didn't really move. err maybe that's everyday.
chin up, yeah?

Michelle said...

at least you were enjoying some cookies?? duuuuude I haven't even had girl scout cookies the past few years! I don't even know what my problem is, I always look forward to them.

If your bad day was yesterday, we must've had similar days. Or actually my day wasn't bad it was my night I guess. I was praying while my roommate was asleep and all the sudden I had tears spilling down my face. After awhile of sitting there crying I realized I needed to write down what I was feeling and then I could finally go to sleep.

whoa sorry for all that info. It was just weird that you posted about that, right after that happened to me. Because I don't think I've ever done that before.

Anyways I hope you day is still "making sense"!!

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