May 13, 2010

was not quite what it could have been.
as i anxiously opened the mailbox expecting a letter,
i instead received a warrant for my arrest,
because i had forgotten about a "fix-it-ticket"
and my 14 days were up.
and i was charged $90.

the only thing, and let me repeat - the only thing
that "de-stresses" situations like yesterday are the following:
1. eating 8 bowls of cereal.
2. celine dion.
and 3. asking for sympathy from the experts,
mom and dad.
i know i'm a bit late (and a bit early)
for mother and fathers day -
but i find myself very lucky to have my parents as mine.


Punctuation Mark said...

sorry about the letter but you are right about parents... we are very lucky to have good ones!

Michelle said...

oh no! That sounds terrible! Sounds like it worked out in the end??

And thank goodness for parents and cereal!

Mandy said...

NO WAY!! That is so scary, I'm sorry. That's so weird, I had no idea that could happen. Are you okay now?

Brittany said...

dah! i'm so sorry. tickets are the worst thing ever. e v e r.

i'm such a cereal fan too though. celebrate the weekend with 8 more?

ahlin said...

wow that is quite the mailbox treat. hope everything works out!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

OH NO!!! That's scary, the 8 bowls of cereal definitely made me laugh though.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

OH NO!!! That's scary, the 8 bowls of cereal definitely made me laugh though.

whimsy said...

yes parents are always the best, and sad that yours are all the way accross the world! you can borrow mine, they are only in ca! but weird to say that i miss you, well becuase we have never hung out! but we havent been talking as much! what can i do to help your days be better? ps i have some funny warrant stories, sadly enough! one was for a fix it ticket too! i have two!! jahahaa. oh and sad day. we moved to boise this weekend for the summer. will do a post on it soon...weird huh>?! yes and we never went to lunch! but we are coming back to visiit in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

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