i'm only me when i'm with you.

May 23, 2010

walt whitman once said,
"i no doubt deserved my enemies,
but i don't believe i deserved my friends."

after reading that - i could somehow relate.

so i made a video this past weekend,
because the rainy weather kept me indoors.

and i'd like to introduce you to
some of these wonderful people.
they are all pretty special.


Brittany said...

these aren't even my memories, but i got so nostalgic watching this! aren't friends the best? you're smart to record all the silly moments. lady, i think you're so cute!

Erny said...

i love this. makes me want to start recording moments with my friends.

brynley said...

i love this cute idea.
i love that quote the walt said. he is inspiring yet so is your blog.

Michelle said...

I love this! You are wayy cute!

Aaand I'm sorry to tell you that I have never watched Glee except when Josh Groban was on, because how could I not?

But it seems cute and everyone is obsessed! Maybe I'll check it out this summer

ashley lauren said...

Lady, for how little I know you, it's amazing how much I love you. Haha. Those two times we hung out hardly satisfied me.

Cutest friend video, ever.

Mandy said...

Kels, this is adorable.
I loved every minute.
You guys are so much fun.

Lyss said...

Kels! I found your blog through someone elses and I love it. And I loved this video. And I sure think a lot of you. :)

7upkels said...

Lyss!! That is so sweet of you!! How are you!! It's literally been years!! PS. Why can't I go to your blog?!?!?!?

katrina said...

oh my. besties. laughing. trs. i love this. made me miss my girl friends sooo much. they are all on missions. :( ahh friends are amazing. love your blog.

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