thinking today.

April 26, 2010

now that the semester has finally ended,
and as i prepare to start another --
(spring/summer term why kels? don't know at this point because my motivation dropped from 80 to 7% this past weekend)

but lately...
i've thought a lot about all that i have learned from school,
from college,
and as grateful as i am for those opportunities,
i was most happy this past weekend to already know what i know:

to know that families will be together forever,
and that the relationships we have here on earth,
will be able to last forever.


emily said...

that is a very nice comfort. i like to remember that i'll be with ben forever when i'm feeling down and out.
hope spring/summer goes well for you. i always sort of loved those terms at BYU for some insane reason.

Brittany said...

i know how you feel; i barely had the motivation to get to work this morning.

you'll do great though. spring/summer brings sun!

Michelle said...

I think everyone feels that way at the end of the semester, I wouldn't worry though usually motivation goes back up when it's a new class and a new term, even if there isn't much of a break!

I'm just jealous that you are already done!

PS. I still need to see Date Night. I've heard that it's amazing though!

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