April 7, 2010

i must confess: as much as i love vanilla candles, pajamas, and blueberry muffins on a rainy day -- the history channel is making its way up on that same list.

is it weird that i am looking more forward to this 12 hour, week long documentary/marathon than this?


brittany barney said...

i too love history. my dad would teach us about every subject from the rise and fall of the roman empire to the establishment of the americas at any occasion possible. whether it be a road trip, way home from church or around the dinner table. i hung on every word and now bore jacobs ear off by telling him the same stories! glad to know you love it as well!
loves to you!
ummm our date is still needing to be made!

sydney said...

i love this confession because guess what....i love the history channel too! sometimes while i'm sitting and watching i don't even notice that it's been hours! i sure love your blog!

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