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April 14, 2010

is it just me,
or is there something slightly bittersweet
about the last day of the semester?
(i'm guessing its probably just me)
but as the professor ends the class with his parting wisdom,
and everyone applauds after a semester well done,
i feel a bit sad -- and i know that sounds funny,
(but aside from american heritage or any math course i've taken)
i always feel this way on the last day of the semester.

but hey!
i promised myself that if i did particularly well in my classes -
i'd buy myself a bike.
( = free shipping = yes, thank you very much)
and that is just what i intend on doing the second i get off of work,
(t-minus 3 hours in counting)

so i've narrowed it down to these two:

the red one

and the cream one

what do you think?


Ruth said...

Oh, definitely cream! I'd love to own one of these...

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

good for you girl! they are both cute but i like the cream one!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to get a bit sad at the end of the semester too. I think that it is normal. Love the idea of buying a bike though. I would go with the cream one. It has more of a vintage look, to me anyway. Happy Summer Break! :o)

Katrina said...

oooh Love them both. I'm planning on getting one too. Cream for sure dear, it will match everything. ;)

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

cream is pretty, night and day <3

Brittany said...

i keep saying i'll buy one of these. such a perfect purchase for spring. i'd go with cream; it's my favorite.

whimsy said...

i love the cream!!!! i have a light blue one that im pretty in love with. we can go on bike rides together!!! where are you living this summer? and oh, ive been meaning to ask you this forever, why do your parents live in new Zealand? did you grow up there, or did they just move therE?
and soooooooooo excited about your new bike.

oh and ps, i was always sooo sad when a semester would be over. and so sad about not learning anymore from that professor. i think its a good thing. it means you are savoring every moment, just as you should my dear~!

Ash said...

I think red, all the way. It's got spunk! I have an orange one, and I love LOVE it. I think red's exciting... but it's totally up to you, obviously!

Anonymous said...

Red, like your personality!

emily said...

red. for sure. and don't worry, i totally find the end of a semester bittersweet.

xoxoKrysten said...

I always kind of feel that way too... but then I get over it and go have myself a margarita, lol.

Michelle said...

I love the cream! But the red s super cute too!!

Aren't the ends of semesters always sad? I feel that way too! Even if I didn't really like the class, I always think of it in a good way when it comes to a close! (Well almost always)

YES if everything works out, and we are both on campus this summer we will HAVE to meet up!!!

Maryx said...

Definitely the RED one!!!

Mandy said...

The cream! It's perfect!

Lauren said...

oh! The cream one is adorable.

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